Contraceptive Sponge

The Contraceptive Sponge is inserted into a vagina, over the cervix and is used to absorb sperm and semen and trap it to prevent any sperm from getting into the uterus. The Sponge contains a spermicide used to immobilize and kill sperm cells trapped inside of it as extra protection. One sponge is used for each act of sexual intercourse.

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How Does The Sponge Work?

The Sponge works by creating a barrier blocking the sperm from the uterus preventing pregnancy. The Sponge contains a spermicide that will immobilize and kill sperm cells for extra protection. Like a household sponge, the contraceptive sponge is absorbent and absorbs sperm and semen that comes in contact with the sponge. The semen and sperm is then trapped in the sponge and the sperm is killed by the spermicide.

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How Effective Is The Sponge For Pregnancy Prevention?

With perfect use the Sponge is about 89%-91% effective for pregnancy prevention. If the sponge is not used 100% correctly, 100% of the time, the effectiveness is lowered to 84%-89%. The Sponge may also have reduced effectiveness on women who have ever given birth. Women who have had children have a 74% rate of effectiveness for pregnancy prevention with perfect use and a 66% rate of effectiveness with typical use.

To work best the Sponge must be inserted properly and used properly every time the woman has sex. Be sure to read the instructions on the package carefully and follow the instructions well.

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How Do I Use It?

After being unwrapped the Sponge must be rinsed with water to activate the spermicide. When the Sponge is wet, squeeze the Sponge until it becomes sudsy. While the Sponge is sudsy, the Sponge is inserted into the vagina and positioned to sit right in front of the cervix covering it completely.

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How Do I Get One?

Sponges can be purchased at retail pharmacies. However, not every pharmacy carries the sponge so you will want to call in ahead of time to make sure the sponge is available at that location.

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Is This the Right Method For Me?

The Sponge may be the right method if a woman does not want to use a birth control method containing hormones, need a long term method or one that requires a visit to the clinic. The Sponge can be used with condoms to increase effectiveness for pregnancy prevention. The Sponge is available over the counter at many pharmacies. The main side effect some women may experience is irritation within the vagina due to the spermicide used within the Sponge.

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Does the Sponge Prevent STDs Too?

The Sponge can prevent unintended pregnancies but it offers NO PROTECTION against sexually transmitted diseases! If you are at risk for contracting STDs, you will need to take the necessary precautions to avoid them as well as pregnancy. To learn more about STDs and how to prevent them click HERE.

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Are There Any Side Effects Associated With The Sponge?

The sponge contains no hormones and so side effects are not necessarily caused directly by the method itself but are secondary to its use. If the sponge is left inside the body for long periods of time especially while a woman is menstruating, there is risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). If you suspect you have TSS you must seek medical attention immediately.

The sponge is used in combination with a spermicide. Some people may have a reaction to the spermicide, if you or your partner is sensitive to this material you may want to explore an alternative method.

The sponge may also increase risk of developing a yeast infection.

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Toxic Shock Syndrome: a severe condition caused by Toxins generated by a buildup of certain types of bacteria. Symptoms may include flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, low blood pressure and organ failure
Spermicide: A detergent-like chemical that immobilizes sperm cells effectively preventing them from fertilizing an egg and causing a pregnancy
Immobilize: a substance or device that can stop movement
Spermicide: a foam or gel that can kill sperm to prevent pregnancy