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Plan to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Submitted by student authors from Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School

Teen pregnancy is one of the most common life altering events in the 21st century. Seventy-seven percent of teen pregnancies are unplanned. In 2014 alone, the United States set a record low of 250,000 newborn babies coming from mothers between the ages of 15 and 19.

Teenage pregnancy changes the lives of not only the mother but everyone around her including family, friends, partner, etc. Finances are important to consider when understanding the responsibilities of raising a child. Also, the feelings of the father need to be considered.

There are always alternatives to having the baby and multiple ways to prevent pregnancy. If you are going to have sex as a teenager, you need to be aware of how to protect yourself from getting pregnant or you shouldn’t be having sex.

Condoms, birth control, and contraception are all good choices when it comes to safe and protected sex. Teenage pregnancy is something that can’t always be controlled or predicted but with the right help and knowledge it can be avoided.